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        1. 业务联系威海迪尚服装智能制造有限公司 | Business Connections
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                  公司占地面积共4000平方米,包含生产工厂、样品中心、贸易部、模板中心、财劳办等职能部门。主要承接服装订单的ODM/OEM生产业务和服装领域的新技术、新设备的研发及推广,常年和Zara、s.Oliver、luhta、ice peak、lily等服饰品牌,及juki、brother、lectra、eton等专业设备配套公司有紧密合作关系。
                  Weihai Dishang Garment Intelligent Manufacturing Co.Ltd has been subordinate to Dishang Group which has made the new technique be used for garment production and marketing. It has been found as a garment company which combined with design, production and the research and development of professional garment intelligent technique in order to carry out the research of informatization,digitization and intelligentize.
                  There are various advanced equipments in our company, such as, S7300A, RH9820, fully automated suspension system, automatic cutting, hanging pipeline, heavy auto linking machine, heavy pocket welting machine, etc. We not only realize C2M personalized customization which directly connects with clients, but also reduce intermediate link and production inventory, solves the problem of information asymmetry and meet more customer' s personalized needing . At present, our company does business at home and abroad such as Korea, Japan, German, France, America, etc. and covers an area of 4000 square meter including Production Plant, Business Trade Division, Sample Room, General Affairs Division.
                  Our company mainly undertakes the garment orders' ODM or OEM production and the new technique and equipment's research and generalization. What' s more, our company have established closely symbiosis with many fashion brands such as s.Oliver, Luhta, Ice Peak, Lily, etc. and professional equipment companies such as Brother, Lectra, Eton, etc.
                  We hold the best management, top quality and first-class services .
                  Wholeheartedly welcome your visit and instruction!