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        1. 业务联系大连迪尚华盛时装有限公司 | Business Connections
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              Dishang Huasheng Fashion Dalian Co.,Ltd (below referred as “the company” ) was acquired by Dishang Group in the end of 2011 and changed its name from Japanese ITOKIN which was known as Dalian Itokin Fashion Center Co., Ltd, established in 1994 and started the production in 1995. The company registered capital now is Rmb 120,000,000, covering an area of around 15000㎡,factory floor area around 20000㎡, staff more than 700. With more than 20years refined Japanese style management, 600 skilled factory operators and nearly 100 experienced business staff for international trade, the company is a comprehensive enterprise with its own international trade and manufacturing team offering men’s and women’s middle and high end fashion wears. We have been working with many top international brands on many fields, providing our own designs, advanced equipments and sewing tech, purchasing fabrics and trims etc., which offers our client one-stop service and gained highly praise on our quality and social responsibility.
              Under the company, there are four big business depts., four growing business depts., one manufacturing base plus six sub factories (totally 2400 staff) working with clients from Europe, America and Japan etc. The monthly output is around 150,000pcs.
              Bearing the principle of developing trade and manufacturing together, the general manager Mr. Sun Shiguang and all the staff welcome clients from all over the world to come to Dalian for joint development and prosperous future.


              大连迪尚华盛时装有限公司(DISHANG HUASHENG FASHION DALIAN CO.,LTD)
              〒116600,大连市经济技术开发区东北三街20号(No.20 North East 3rd ST E&T Development Zone,Dalian,China)
              孙世光(Gary Sun),M:18642606600/18624119188,T:0411-87508037,F:0411-87630780,E:sunshiguang8888@dishang.com